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Monday, January 3, 2011

How to have Success in 2011

Starting off 2011 the RIGHT way is critical in having a successful year.  

A successful year is made up of 12 successful months. Each successful month is made up of 4 successful weeks.  Each successful week is made up of of 7 successful days.  Each successful day is made up the right actions.  Those actions begin with filling your mind with the right things.
Daily Motivation to help each day start off on the right foot

Books to Read
Audio Books
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This is not a complete list.  This is a list of some of my favorites. There are many great self improvement and motivational books and websites available. This is a good start in helping us have a very successful 2011.  
It is important to take time each and every day to fill our minds with positive information.   Set aside time each day in your schedule to read.  Turn your car into a classroom and listen to motivational books and speakers.  Work each day on developing a positive attitude.

Have a Happy and Prosperous 2011!

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